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Social content for every platform.

At King Monkey Films, we pride ourselves on delivering a variety of content categories to shake up your daily scroll. Our range includes motion graphics, live action, and user-generated content that can be personalized to meet your needs. With our performance-ready social videos, you can quickly and effectively capture the attention of your target audience. Our renowned social media video production service boasts swift turnaround times and exceptional quality. To optimize your social media strategy, we can curate a customized collection of video content that aligns with your goals and caters to various formats and sizes. Embracing a fast experimentation process can help you identify what resonates best with your audience.

"Great experience with them. Professional and amazing product. So happy the way it turned out"

"Amazingly professional and creative. Highly recommend them. Will use them again!"

If you are looking for great professional service and high quality videos King Monkey Films is the one for you! Excellent!

A pain-free video production process.

King Monkey Films offers cost-effective video production solutions, with rates up to 30% lower than traditional companies. Their tailored plans cater to businesses of all sizes, enabling both startups and enterprises to efficiently scale their video production needs.

More Affordable

To enhance the performance of your content, it is recommended to create various versions that can be tested and utilized. In each cycle, try experimenting with fresh ideas and messaging to determine which ones resonate most effectively with your audience. Additionally, it is essential to optimize the ratios and concepts specifically for the platforms you are using.


Wooden Chess Pieces

Pinpoint the social media content that generates substantial outcomes on all social media channels. Reiterate the process with prompt and superior feedback loops, which are crucial for acquiring knowledge and progress.


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