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Kenny Waymack Jr.

Kenny Waymack Jr. is the Director/Director of Photography and co-owner of King Monkey Films. He is a charismatic, multi-talented Filipino-American with extensive knowledge and expertise in the tv/film industry as well as in live performance. His appreciation for the arts started at a young age with music. He played the trumpet for eight years starting with his high school marching band and the all-county band, competed in Drum Corp International with a group called Capital Sound, and continued playing into college before pivoting and pursuing dance. This became the start of a long and fruitful journey towards his calling, granting him the pleasure of pursuing many incredible film and entertainment opportunities both here in the United States and overseas. Throughout his career, Kenny has been employed at several major theme parks. He has lived in Japan while working for Tokyo Disney Sea in their production of Mystic Rhythms, performed in SeaWorld’s Cirque De La Mer in San Diego, appeared in several stage productions at Universal Studios Orlando, and was an acro/skater monkey in Tarzan Rocks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. During this time, he was simultaneously on tour back up dancing for Aaron Carter. In 2005, he joined Disney’s Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios as a stunt performer and spent the next 15 years sharpening that skill set.


In 2006, Kenny was given the unique opportunity to live and work in the Philippines. In his short time there, Kenny achieved many successes including competing as a finalist in several talent based reality tv shows ("Close-Up To Fame” and winner of “Shall We Dance”), features in several magazine publications and commercials for well known brands, and becoming the sixth member of the boy group Voyz Avenue. He was also the host of a lifestyle entertainment show called the Chill Spot where he traveled all over the Philippines and Hong Kong offering his spin on places of interest and interviewed notable musical artists such as Mandy Moore, Neo, and Colbie Caillat. He returned to the states in 2009.


Never losing sight of his ultimate goal, Kenny’s passion for tv and film made his transition from the stage to the screen a successful and seamless one. Favorite film credits include his role as Tyson Bautista in Anita Ho (2012), stunt doubling for James Franco in “Homefront” (2013), and performing stunts in the 2013 remake of “Oldboy” which was directed by Spike Lee. Other film credits include the 2016 reimagining of “Ghostbusters”, “Office Uprising”, “The Hate You Give”, “Little”, and "Words On Bathroom Walls”. He has also appeared in such tv shows as “Burn Notice”, “Ozark”, and in DC’s “Stargirl” stunt doubling for Nelson Lee as The Dragon King. More recently, Kenny has worked on “Red One” featuring Dwayne Johnson with Chris Evans, Lucy Liu, and J.K. Simmons, and “Six Triple Eight” directed by Tyler Perry, both of which are currently in post production.


Kenny’s love for film very organically progressed to an interest and desire to become the man behind the movie magic, and his many years on set has made him a natural in cinematography. Since the inception of King Monkey Films, he has provided his services for several notable clients including Google, Adobe, US Claims, and Solana.


He has produced music videos for the musical group The American Sirens as well as filmed promo materials for Circo Invictus. Live performance credits include “David Foster In Concert”, Victory Production’s “Always Patsy Cline”, and the original works of the Crawford Jazz Project called “Between The Lines”. Additionally, Kenny has filmed and edited commercials and sizzle reels for small businesses, demo reels for classes and performers, and has even collaborated with a fellow stunt colleague to produce The Stunt Collective Podcast.


Kenny’s capacity to understand the unique needs of each individual project is instrumental in ensuring top-tier professionalism to your custom project. From conception to final product, his many years of lived experience is infused into bringing your vision to life and making your dreams a reality beyond your imagination.



Don't let anyone ever make you feel you don't deserve what you want.

-Heath Ledger


Carpe diem!

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